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Dude Perfect

A night none of us will ever forget.

I couldn’t have planned a more perfect night for these girls. These two have gone through one of the most traumatic experiences losing their little sister so suddenly. And even though our sadness will always be with us, I think God knew we needed a night off from grief.

These guys have no idea who we are, or what we’ve been through these past few months. They’ll never know our names or remember our faces. But they gave my girls a memory they’ll always remember. During the darkest time or our life.

2nd row seating, the girls got called on stage during the show, we got to go backstage afterwards and meet the guys.

The guys who first made us laugh together after days of tears.

The guys we’ve watched together as a family for over 4 years.

The guys who aren’t just YouTubers to us, but such a bright light during this incredibly hard season.

An absolute breath of fresh air that was SO needed 💙


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