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Our Wild Hyena

I never thought I’d see the day where I would be preparing for my daughters funeral. Trying to find the perfect words to make sense of the mix of emotions I feel. I remember all of the times I’d scroll through social media and see moms sharing about losing a child and thinking “man, I cannot even fathom that pain they are suffering through.” And now I’m part of that club. Now I share in that pain and in that suffering.

Even through all of the sadness and sorrow this has brought, Im still thanking God that he blessed me with Eleanor. I’m still thanking God that he chose me to be her mother. And what an honor that was. Even though she was only here for 3 short years, she taught me so much and changed my perspective on life forever.

She was, hands down, THEE funniest person I think any of us have ever met. Her laugh was so infectious. Her personality was so bubbly. We always referred to her as “our wild hyena” Nothing could ever make that child calm, or sad. Except for bedtime. She never wanted the party to end.

She would spend her days running around in just a diaper with her wild curls usually in a tangled mess. Helping me with laundry. Playing with Savannah. Watching out the window until her sisters would get home from school. Anxiously waiting for more people to add to the party.

Shortly before we lost her, I made her breakfast one morning and told her it was time to come sit down and eat. And she looked up with her bright blue eyes just beaming at me, her crooked smile taking up her whole face because it was so big, and she said “okay buttcheecks!” I said “what did you call me?” And she so innocently looked up at me and said “I called you butt cheeks!” Like duh mom.


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